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Nights #2, 3 & 4 of ARIST - May 23-25, 2017

There is always unpredictability in the developmental stages, but I am also getting an innate sense that adjustments need to be made to my sleep training methods.

Continuing to walk Mia back to bed does not seem to be sustainable. Her commitment to walking the 30 feet down the hallway to my studio is matching my commitment to returning her to her bed. Most of the time she is hysterical while doing this until it turns into a game where she is holding out her hand for me to walk her back before she even reaches me. It is evident that we are both physically worn. In each case, she has finally stayed in bed with added incentive. The first night, it was by showing her how soon it was that I would return to check on her. Other nights, it was closing the door that we leave ajar for her if she got out of bed and then giving her another chance to stay in bed.

It is important to remind myself that the ultimate goal of this residency is to successfully sleep train my 2 year old and we are still a work in progress.

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