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Round Robin & The Night Owl

Night #5 of ARIST - May 26, 2017

I decided that this would be my final night of returning Mia to bed from my post in my studio before incorporating new sleep training methods. As a conscious act of closure, I decided to give myself a painting challenge...

Phase 1

Make marks with watercolor when returning to my studio for as long as I had before Mia reached the studio again. The color choices and marks were impulsive as I had little time before I had to return Mia to bed.

Phase 2

The next day, I showed Mia the painting that I had started the night before and asked her to add to it.

Phase 3

I struggled with this stage of the collaboration until I thought about what Mia would want and saturated the painting with her favorite color, pink. Much like the sleep training process, I found more success when I met my collaboration partner where she was at.

Phase 4

We went through one more round of the exchange before Mia declared that the painting was “all done”. I decided to allow Mia to make the final marks on the painting as she inadvertently defines the end of sleep training.

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